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SDB Communities

Provincial House:

148 Main Street
P.O. Box 639
New Rochelle, NY 10882-0639

Rev. Thomas Dunne, SDB, Provincial Superior

Salesians of Don Bosco

These priests and lay brothers were founded in 1859. On the go, often in a hurry, practical and ingenious they are fully consecrated religious joyfully living their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. They are from different nationalities and cultures .They now number 15 762 (2009 statistics), the second Congregation of men in the Catholic Church, present in 130+ countries and working mainly in schools, parishes, youth centers, mission territories…

They are where young people hope or despair, building futures and sharing their struggle or suffering. Reminding youth of their noble heritage of being children of God, Salesians help them regain joy and hope in life.

Their focus is charity in action, loving kindness among themselves, prayer and trust in Mary. It’s an ideal that they carry in their heart; offering it to the world so that youth might enter and become part of this new hope. They try doing their little share in building “the civilisation of love”.

Salesian Works in Canada

The Religious men and women are organized into “Provinces”. The Salesian Works in Canada exist in two groups. The Province of St. Philip (merged with Eastern USA in 2009) for the Salesians and the Province of Our-Lady-of-the-Cape for the Salesian Sisters. Each province is made up of a group of communities spread over a specific territory animated by a Provincial Superior. There are also 7 centres of Salesian Cooperators, totalling more than 100 members.

The aim of our works is the education of the young. Don Bosco lived a typical pastoral experience in his first Oratory (Youth Center) which was:
a house that welcomes
a parish that evangelizes
a school that prepares for life
a playground to meet friends and to live with joy.
These characteristics constitute in some way a point of reference for all Salesian work.

Specific characteristics of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Canada:
– We deeply respect the diversity of languages and ethnic and cultural origins that makes up Canada.
– Wherever we are, we try to facilitate the educational formation and evangelization of young people.

Don Bosco Mission Office in Canada

People still awaiting the Gospel message were the special object of Don Bosco’s concern and apostolic effort. Don Bosco sent his first missionaries to Argentina in 1875. From there they spread throughout South America. The Salesians today serve youth in 130+ countries in the 5 continents.

Specific characteristics of the work

• financing different projects in response to missionaries’ needs ( ex : Haiti : irrigation projects, construction of classrooms. India: help to lepers, orphanages. Africa: dispensaries and hospitals, etc).
• Setting up projects for young people who want to live a missionary experience.
• Accepting offerings for Masses to be celebrated in foreign Salesian missions or in Canada.
• Sacred Heart Association: both living and deceased can be enrolled in this association for whose members Masses are celebrated. These members are united in the prayer & apostolic work of the Salesians throughout the world. The suggested offering is $15.00 , which offering allows young people to study for the priesthood & religious life. A beautiful leatherette certificate is sent to the donor.

Missionary Volunteers

Being a Salesian Lay Missionary (also called “ Missioner”) is a concrete occasion for commitment and volunteer service among the young in developing countries. They are Catholic men and women seeking to answer God’s missionary call in their own lives by dedicating themselves to a work of evangelization and human development among the poor youth. Volunteers share in the tradition, prayer, work, family spirit and educational method of the Salesians.

This experience is offered to young and mature adults aged 20 or more, men or women. This volunteer commitment is lived in Salesian missionary works in different countries of the world for at least one year and requires about a 6-month preparation.

Missionary Volunteers – VIDES CANADA
For more information, contact Sr. Jeannine Landry FMA, president of VIDES CANADA:


We carry out our mission chiefly in such works and activities as make possible the human and Christian education of the young. The school is a privileged milieu whereby to attain these objectives..

Séminaire Salésien, in Sherbrooke, QC, a private Secondary School for boys & girls.

Séminaire Salésien
135 Don Bosco Street N
Sherbrooke QC JIL IE5
Phone : (819) 566-2222
Website :

Salesian Community
Phone : (819) 569-5055
Email :

Other Salesian works at same address

• Don Bosco Audio-Visuals (literature on Don Bosco & Salesian Family)
• Camp Savio and Bosco Bicycle Summer Camp

This private school was founded in 1959 by the Salesians as a junior seminary. It was established in Boucherville, south of Montreal, and moved to Sherbrooke in 1962. After having been a boys’ school for 20 years, the Séminaire became coed in 1981 and now welcomes some 700 students of Secondary level, i.e. from ages 12 to 17. Since 1980, the school is administered by a corporation made up of parents- Salesians – lay personnel. Salesians are still involved in the managing of the school and have the responsibility of the Religious Education Department and Pastoral Animation.


We carry out our mission also in parishes, in response to the pastoral needs of the local Churches in areas that offer an environment favourable to the service of the young and working classes. .

Youth Groups

We introduce the young to the experience of ecclesial life by bringing them into a faith community and helping them to take part in it. To this end we promote and animate groups and movements for formation and apostolic and social action. In these the young people grow in the awareness of their own responsibilities and learn to give their irreplaceable contribution to the transformation of the world and to the life of the Church and so become themselves the “first apostles of the young in direct contact with them”.


Prayer, Bible, missions, catechists, volunteers, past pupils, choir, camp animators, etc

Here is an idea of some of the groups in Sherbrooke. QC:
Young Missionaries of the Salésien : 16-17 years old. Secondary V. One-year preparation and 3-week on-site apostolate in a Salesian orphanage in Mexico. Objective: to sensitise to realities in developing countries.
Assistant Educators: 16-17 years old. Learning to assume responsibilities within the school. Peer Ministry: 15-17 years old. Listening and counselling peers.
Bosco Bicycle Animators: 17-20 years old. Christian growth in service. They accompany the young cyclists during summer camp.

Youth Centres

They are welcoming environments which promote an educative action and growth in faith. Evangelisation is therefore the soul of a youth centre. They serve a parish territory or a vaster zone. A youth centre carries on activities so as to meet young people
to proclaim the faith .
to teach catechism
to accompany those who are disposed to journey in the faith.

Social Communications

We work in the social communication (mass media) sector; it is one of the essential dimensions of the Salesian mission. Our Founder had an instinctive grasp of the value of this means of mass education, which creates culture and spreads patterns of life. He showed great originality in the apostolic undertakings which he initiated to defend and sustain the faith of the people.
Following his example, we utilize as God’s gift the great possibilities which social communication offers us for education and evangelization.

Carrefour Salésien

• Salesian news from Canada and abroad
• Articles on Salesian pedagogy & spirituality
• Salesian personalities
• News of religious nature.

Carrefour Salésien
135 Don Bosco N
Sherbrooke QC JIL IE5
Phone: (819) 569-5055

The Salesian Bulletin, founded by Don Bosco in 1877, spreads knowledge of Salesian spirit and activity, especially in its missionary and educational aspects. It is published in 57 editions and in 29 languages.

There are also two other bulletins: Salesian News/Nouvelles Salésiennes (monthly, electronic) and Salesian Echoes/Échos Salésiens (4/year).

Don Bosco Audio-Visuals

Material available in English
Don Bosco: books & booklets
• The Educational Philosophy of St. John Bosco, James A. Morrison, 258 p.
• Stories of Don Bosco, Peter Lappin, 264 p.
• Give Me Souls ! Life of Don Bosco, Peter Lappin, 368 p.
• Don Bosco and the Spiritual Life, Francis Desramaut, 348 p.
• Dreams, Visions and Prophecies of Don Bosco, edited by Eugene M. Brown, 286 p.
• Don Bosco and the Salesians, Morand Wirth, 432 p.
• A Man Sent by God (a 20-minute life of St. John Bosco), Paul Aronica, 30 p.
• Man with a Dream, Peter Rinaldi, 160 p.
• Saint John Bosco: the Friend of Children and Young People (illustrated – for children). Éditions du Signe, 1997. 70 p.
• Father and Teacher, published by Salesian Missions, 32 p.
• Saint for the Young (illustrated), Sr. Elizabeth Schmidt FMA, 34 p.

Video DON BOSCO – a film by Leandro Castellani, 1988, with Ben Gazzara and Patsy Kensit (113m.)

• A Valiant Mother: A brief account of the life of Margaret Occhiena Bosco, Don Bosco’s mother, Philip Pascucci, 32 p.
• Don Bosco’s Madonna . A brief account of Don Bosco’s devotion to Mary Help of Christians, P. Pascucci, 32 p.
• First Lady of the World ( a popular history of devotion to Mary), Peter Lappin, 192 p.
• The Life of St. Dominic Savio, by St. John Bosco, 169 p.
• Schoolboy Apostle. A brief life of St. Dominic Savio, P. Pascucci, 32 p.
• Greater Love. A brief account of the life of Blessed Laura Vicuna (1891-1904), Daniel Madden, 32 p.
• Laura and her Secret – pupil of Salesian Sisters in Argentina (illustrated – LDC).
• St. Francis de Sales: Don Bosco’s Patron, A. Pedrini, 150 p.
• A True Nobleman. A brief biography of St. Francis de Sales, P. Pascucci, 32 p.
• Brief lives of Don Bosco’s successors: Bl. Michael Rua, Bl. Philip Rinaldi, Paul Albera.
• SDB missionaries ( 32 p. each ): Sts Versiglia & Caravario, Ven. Vincent Cimatti, In Search of the Bororos (Brazil)-illustrated. Zatti ! Life of Bl. A. Zatti, P. Lappin, 76 p.

This office located in Sherbrooke promotes audio and visual resources about Don Bosco and the Salesian Family: books, comic books, videocassettes, holy pictures, film on Don Bosco (1988) etc. The material is mainly in the areas of education and pedagogy and is destined for young people, teachers and youth ministers.


We offer young people occasions for summer camps, where they can live positive experiences of friendship and joy. These experiences allow them to grow toward a greater maturity and autonomy. All sorts of activities are meant to foster values: sense of responsibility and of service, attention to others’ needs, awakening of a personal faith in Christ.

Camp Savio
545 chemin du Lac C.P. 28
Sainte- Catherine de Hatley, QC J0B 1W0
Phone : (819) 842-2828

Characteristics of the work:

• on the shore of Lake Magog, about 20 km from Sherbrooke
• Under the responsibility of the Salesians of Don Bosco
• Welcomes groups all year round (scouts, youth groups, associations, schools, families, etc.)
• Pastoral service on request.


Under the responsibility of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Sherbrooke

The Salesians use this bicycle outing activity as a means of giving the students of the Séminaire an experience of personal and Christian growth.

Main characteristics of the activity:

• 1st cycle students: a 250 km/week excursion. An accompanied excursion in which the boy/girl learns from the Salesians & animators the elements of team spirit and discovers in Christ a friend who journeys with them.
• 2nd cycle students: a 500 km/week excursion. A more demanding experience meant to train in autonomy and interdependence, attentive to Jesus calling them to responsible liberty.

The Bosco-Bicycle animators exercise the role of assistant-educators in the educational spirit of Don Bosco, discovering Christian growth by the gift of self.