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The Salesian Sisters

Also called Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, they were founded in 1872 by Don Bosco and Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello.

In 1856, in Mornese – about a hundred kilometres from Turin – a few young women committed themselves to help younger girls with the same apostolic zeal as Don Bosco. At 27 years old, Mary Domenica met Don Bosco for the first time and was indelibly impressed by his spirituality and his apostolate. In 1872, she accepted, with 27 companions, to become a religious in the feminine community founded by Don Bosco. They took the name of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians because their mission was to become “helpers” to young people, particularly the poorest.

The warm welcome and joyful creativity of these Sisters encouraged many young girls to follow the call of God. They quickly became the “feminine side of the Salesian Charism”. We commonly call them Salesian Sisters. They are today the second feminine Congregation in the Catholic Church.

Today we find them in 90+ countries in the world. They are women totally for the Lord, at the service of young people, especially the most unfortunate. They are women like all other women in the world. Women in the colours of the five continents deeply rooted in their native land or their adopted land. In their eyes and in their hearts these women carry the profound hopes and aspirations of all peoples. Women consecrated by God for the service of young people linked in a bond of love by their vows, they live happily for and with young people, seeking only their salvation in Jesus Christ.

They established their first house in Canada in 1953 with the opening of a school and house of formation in Pointe Verte, near Bathurst, N.B. They are presently (2011) in Montreal, Toronto and Cornwall.